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Nunzio Addabbo

Nunzio Addabbo is the TARGET*JFK* Capture Team "insider" withthe secrets and survivor of an attempt on his life by a member of the Hit Team who assassinated President Kennedy. He is a retired international engineering/construction management consultant on some of the largest worldwide projects. Addabbo speaks English, Spanish, Italian, and some Farsi. He is an experienced technical writer, holds a U.S. pilot's navigation patent, commendations from the National Academy of Sciences and Smithsonian Astrophysical Obeservatory and a instrument rated commercial pilot with licenses in the U.S., Canada, Chile and Iran. Addabbo, a licensed amateur radio operator, has been approved for entry into the 2002 Who's Who in America and is a member of TROA, The Retired Officers Association and AFIO, The Association of Former Intelligence Officers.


Elizabeth Addabbo

Elizabeth Addabbo is a well-traveled free-lance writer, photographer and lecturer. Her weekly column, AT YOUR REQUEST, tying food preparation to history and culture, was one of the most popular ever published on the California Central Coast. Her various travel articles were enthusiastically received. She has been District, Regional and National Director of Member Services for two major real estate franchises and the owner/teacher of her own real estate licensing school. Elizabeth has served as an Ambassador for an important California HMO and has been a promotional artist for several major cosmetics companies. In addition to co-authoring TARGET*JFK*, she is completing an important historical novel, THE LIBERATION OF VIVIENNE and co-authoring THE EPONYMOUS COOKBOOK with Allan Amenta.

TARGET*JFK* has been registered with the Writer's Guild of America west. Elizabeth and Nunzio have been interviewed several times on television and radio and reviews of TARGET*JFK* have appeared in several publications.