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Nunzio and Elizabeth Addabbo have revealed the long kept secret of the monumental conspiracy and assassination of President Kennedy in their 479 page exposè TARGET*JFK*.

  • Was there a Conspiracy? Absolutely! See Organization chart, Plate 3AB
  • Who was on the Hit-Team? See Organization chart, Plate 1AB
  • Who brainwashed Jack Ruby to kill Oswald? Page 23
  • Who financed the assassination? Plate 3AB
  • Who fired from the sixth floor of the Book Depository? Plate 2AB
  • Who prepared the Grassy Knoll surprise? Page 37
  • Who fired one shot from the Dal-Tex Building? Plate 2AB
  • Who uncovered the conspiracy? It was Tony Berlotti, American entrepreneur. Chapter 7
  • Why did Berlotti form a Capture Team and eliminate the assassins? Read the Prologue
  • Why didn’t Berlotti go to his government with the information? Chapter 6
  • How did co-author Nunzio save Berlotti from assassination? Chapter 25
  • Where and when did Tony ambush four JFK assassins? Chapter 28
  • If you believe the Warren Commission Report and the idea that Oswald was the "lone gunman" who fired the "magic bullet" which allegedly zig-zagged through JFK, then miraculously zig-zagged through Governor Connally, you are either incredibly naive or brainwashed. See Conclusions

Written in narrative form, TARGET*JFK* is a nail-biting page-turner, beginning with the ringing of a pay phone in Las Vegas to the spectacular elimination of the last assassin--Chapter 37. The reader will follow a bizarre twist of events in a thirty-year long worldwide double manhunt involving spying, arson, female impersonation, gambling, ambushes, patsies, drugs, blackmail, suicide and murder. Interwoven is the enduring love relationship that is Tony’s personal salvation.

Co-author Nunzio Addabbo is the Capture Team "insider" with the secrets. He survived an assassination attempt in Chile, spent time in two Chilean hospitals and physical therapy in the U.S. He was saved by a dog. Chapter 29

Introduction by Col. David C. Andre, USMC (Ret.), Author’s Notes, Prologue, Thirty Eight Chapters, Illustrations, Milestones, Accident Reports, Witnesses, Evidence, Conclusions, Epilogue and Index.
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